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Professional personal protection services, premium bodyguards, safe transfers, event security and more

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Services we provide

Unarmed security guards

On-demand VIP bodyguards will ensure your safety and comfort. We procide highly customized experience from hourly contract to monthly subscription to ensure your personal, family or corporate needs are met.

Event Security

Conferences, private events, corporate meetings - we will take care of the safety of each participant, so you don’t have to worry about it. From surveillance to protecting your event from unwanted attendees, Krusher Security is here for you

Security Cameras Installation

Recording and constant surveillance to capture and prevent any possible unwanted events

Armed guards

Professional armed guards to prevent all possible attack vectors

Equiped Drivers

Professional drivers, equipped with bullet-proof vehicles, will ensure your safety on your way from point A to B, airports, public events, family transfers and more

A self-sovereign approach

This is something we always encourage. A self-defence crash-course to educate you on the basics of martial arts, firearms, strategy and situational awareness - Krusher Instructors, with years of experience, will provide you with the required knowledge, so you can feel comfortable when it comes to personal security.

Kovalev about Krusher Security

Experienced world-class armed and unarmed guards will provide you with the best security measures, ensuring your comfort along the way

Highly customized services, brought to you by highly skilled professionals, are our goal

We are commited to be better every day, that is why we constanly working on increasing our qualification to provide you with the most effective security solutions.

Krusher Security offers professional personal protection services, premium bodyguards, safe transfers, event security and more

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